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Does Howard University offer something similar for social science doctoral students?

Howard offers a Certificate in College and University Faculty Preparation for other doctoral students, however, the HHMS-AGEP fellowship program is reserved for STEM doctoral students.

How does the pay scale work throughout the program? 

Once students have completed steps 1 and 2, applied for step 3 and have been admitted into the program, they will begin their teaching apprenticeship at a partnering community college. At that time, Howard University students receive full tuition and stipend.  Students who attend Morgan State and Hampton University need to check with their respective institutions for their stipend schedules.

What is the requirement to get the Teaching Certificate at Howard University? Is the certificate free for Howard students?

Students are required to complete 15-credit hours for the teaching certificate at Howard University and it is free for Howard University students.

Whom do I contact for the Howard Teaching Certificate?

You may contact Dr. Kamla Deonauth at [email protected].

Is the HHMS-AGEP Certificate the same as the Preparing Future Faculty program Certificate? 

No, it is not.  The HHMS-AGEP Certificate is transcripted, whereas the Preparing Future Faculty Program is not.

Is HHMS-AGEP related to the Mentoring Program? 

It is part of the Mentoring Program, but they are two different programs.

Who are the contacts at each institution?

How is HHMS-AGEP unique? 

  • HBCU-led AGEP
  • Prepares scholars as STEM persons of color
  • Teaches at a variety of institutions
  • Teaching and learning is through an equity-focused, social justice lens

How else can I contribute?

  • Complete the doctoral student STEM survey.
  • Accept an invitation to participate in a focus group.
  • Join a webinar to share your experiences, interests and priorities.

Is this opportunity limited to citizens and residents alone? 

Anyone can participate in the webinars and courses for levels 1 and 2.

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