Howard, Hampton, and Morgan State Universities (HHMS), three of the Nation’s top producers of African American PhDs, have joined forces with the Community College Network, comprised of Prince George’s Community College, College, and the Community College of Rhode Island, and the Community college of the District of Columbia, to develop, implement, study, evaluate and disseminate a Sequential Cognitive Apprenticeship Model of faculty preparation. The Model aims to increase the number of traditionally marginalized populations entering and succeeding in the Professoriate. Grounded in the Social Cognitive Career Theory (SCCT), future faculty increases teaching self-efficacy and their faculty identity, by engaging in a progressive sequence of increasingly engaging and challenging activities.

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Development of the AllianceThree of the Nation’s top producers of African American Ph.D. have joined forces with a community college network to develop a structure and sequential faculty preparation model. The model is grounded on the SCCT, and serves to increase teaching self-efficacy and develop a strong faculty identity in underrepresented doctoral candidates.
ImplementationLevel I: webinars on the professiorate
Level II: Courses on evidence-based practice
Level III: Mentored teaching experience
Diversity in the Professoriate Institute
Self-StudyThe focus of the self-study is on process and early indicators of impact of the HHMS-AGEP Sequential and Cognitive-Apprentice Model.
EvaluationFormative and summative evaluation on process indicators and outcome indicators.
Dissemination HHMS-AGEP website
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The HHMS-AGEP program employs a sequential faculty preparation model to increase teaching self-efficacy and faculty identity.

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