Pathway to the Professoriate



Welcome to the HHMS-AGEP Alliance ___ An HBCU Alliance, formed with the expressed purpose of developing and testing a training model to increase the number of underrepresented minorities (URMs) entering and succeeding in the professoriate.  The research component of the model will elucidate various background, social cognitive, cultural and institutional climate factors that uniquely affect students at HBCUs.  Data from this research will inform the development and implementation of training programs to increase teaching self-efficacy and its natural corollary a strong faculty identity ___ necessary prerequisites for entering and succeeding in faculty careers.


Research to determine  best practices  for  increasing Teaching Self-Efficacy.


Increase Teaching Self Efficacy in future Faculty Courses and  Webinars in evidence-based teaching practices.


Development of a strong faculty identity.

Cognitive Apprenticeship at a community college.


Increase number of URMs entering and succeeding in the professoriate.